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Most Comfortable Work Boots That are the Best for Standing All Day

comfortable work bootsSo, you’re standing and or working all day, and you need a good boot or shoe. Where to start? There are so many options now. And more importantly, critical safety and security features you need to consider.

Protecting your feet on the job is numero uno, but given the technology changes so quickly these days, you’re also probably wondering, what are the most comfortable work boots for men?

Which type of toe should I look for? Steel? Alloy? Soft? Composite? Should I get a shoe or a boot? What about the soles? Well, here’s a breakdown, including some of the key features you should consider, and the best options in each category.

Best Comfortable Work Boot

Steel Toe Work Boots

The first thing to consider is what kind of serious implications to your toes the job or task at hand could be throwing at you.

If you’re going to be working around very heavy objects; going up and down lift gates; carrying, hauling, or moving large, heavy, sharp, or pointed objects; working around large vehicles; or have the potential to fall long distances or around very sharp items, you should consider the possibility of something crushing or puncturing one or more toes.

You might also not have a choice because some jobs have OSHA standards that require you wear steel-toed boots rated to a specific level. The level correlates to how much weight the toe can withstand.

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

This is high on the list when it comes to superb toe and foot protection without sacrificing comfort. There’s some misleading information out in the field about steel toes being inherently uncomfortable.

That might have been true 20 years ago, but it’s not today. And if comfort is key for you, the KEEN Pittsburgh should be the first place you look. Some call them the most comfortable steel toed work footwear.

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, you’ll know them for their notorious comfort in that division, but in the work boot realm, they also reign supreme. The waterproofing is top of the line and breathable. The footbed is metatomical in design, providing anatomical fit and support for your arches, heels, and entire foot.

The soles are slip resistant, and the steel toes are manufactured with their own patented technology, wherein the shoe outsole wraps up and over the asymmetric steel plates, so you get double protection. They add a plate under the forefoot for stability and added flexibility.

Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6-Inch Steel Toe 804-4200 Work Boot

If you go for the classic look in a work boot, and you need the safety, stability, and protection of a work horse, you’re in luck. This boot has both. This is a particularly good one if you’re around high voltage electrical hazards.

They can withstand up to eighteen thousand volts. The camel colored soles are mark resistant, and they have extra support in the ankles. You can also adjust how loose or tight they grip your ankles with the lacing.

The super padded inserts are removable, shock absorbing, and provide excellent cushioning and support.

Redback Men’s Safety Bobcat USBOK Elastic Sided Steel Toe Leather Work Boot

If you’re looking for an alternative to the lace-up boot and need something that will provide all-day comfort and safety, check out the Redback Bobcat. It’s the most comfortable slip on work boot out there.

Built in Australia, they’re made of extra thick leather and they’re oiled to hold their shape, and prevent cracking and hardening. Sort of the Volvo of work footwear, these slip-ons look good, provide excellent support and cushion for all-day comfort, and will last for years.

Alloy Toe Boots

Alloy toed work books are also known as aluminum toed. They provide excellent protection from injury and impact, as other safety boots do, but are made with titanium-based or aluminum, so they’re lighter and thinner. Some find the roomier toe box to be more comfortable than other boots made from different materials. They’re particularly good for those with wide feet.

Timberland Pro Men’s 26078 titan 6″ Waterproof Work Boot

Roomy, comfortable, and lightweight, these provide a polyurethane midsole for superb cushioning and support. Made of soft, high quality leather, they’re flexible, waterproof, and require little to no time to break in. The contoured footbed contains a high-tech sock that regulates temperature and keeps your feet dry. The alloy toe is shaped on the Titan last for protection and comfort. The rubber outsole is oil, abrasion, and slip resistant.

Timberland PRO Men’s TiTAN Safety-Toe Work Oxford

With the trademarked Timberland standard features, this is an outstanding alternative to a boot. If you don’t need or want the ankle support or restriction, these are built with the same alloy protective toe, and made of super soft, supple leather. They have slip, oil, and abrasion resistant soles, and a cushioned footbed for support and comfort. They have a built-in antimicrobial to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

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Composite Toe Boots

Often called a “safety toe,” composite-toed boots are lighter than steel. Also, if you work at or near a metal detector, toes of this sort in your work shoes is a must. They can be made of various materials, most often carbon fiber, Kevlar, or plastic. You still get protection against high impact, puncturing, and crushing. Some also prefer these, as they’re excellent for very hot or very cold conditions.

Caterpillar FABRICATE 6″ Tough Composite Toe Work Boot

These are ideal for those who want added comfort and support, have foot pain or problems, or whose legs become fatigued by standing and working for long periods of time. They are rated for up to 600 volts of electrical current and have a dual density midsole that will support your arches and heels, and provide excellent shock absorption.

Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot

Another tool for your trade by Carhartt that is well built and designed to last. They provide cement construction and a sole that protects against oil and chemical slipping. The insoles are made of Ortholite, providing added cushioning and support for legs prone to exhaustion. The rugged construction flexes with your feet and ankles, so you never feel constricted or bound.

Soft Toe Boots

These are rated to protect against electrical hazards, and are almost always slip and oil resistant, so you get many of the same safety features with a soft toe, but of course, not as much protection in your toes. If your job doesn’t present particularly sharp or heavy objects and you are not in danger of crushing or puncturing your toes, soft toed shoes and boots can be a great option. They’re often a bit more comfortable, and sometimes much lighter. They provide rugged soles that protect against slippage, and good support for long-lasting comfort.

Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Contour Welt Boot

A well known name in the industry, Wolverine is built tough. These are made of soft, full grain leather and have added padding around the ankles for cushioning, support, and protection.

The “contour welt” is designed for maximum flexibility. The insole is removable and made of “Wolverine Multishox,” which provides outstanding support and comfort. The midsole is lightweight and the mesh lining is breathable. If you’re not satisfied after a month, you can return them for your money back, no static.

Irish Setter Ashby

Not only are these the best work boots for standing on concrete, they also look great. If you happen to work around high temperatures, this is also one for you. The rubber EVA outsole is specifically designed for very hot temperatures. The full grain Trout Brook leather uppers are soft, flexible, and waterproof.

Whatever your job-specific needs, there are work boots for every consideration.

Keep the safety and protection of your feet at the forefront. Whether alloy, steel, soft, or composite toes are right for you, there’s comfort, support, and durability in every shoe and boot that made our list.

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Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Review For Men & Women [2017]

Plantar Fasciitis ShoesIf you have yet to be diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, but feel as if the soles of your feet have somehow turned into beds of broken glass, you’ll be at least relived when you find out there’s a name (and treatment) for it.

It is one of the most painful afflictions of the foot there is. Sometimes it is concentrated in the heel, but it can also be the entire sole of your feet that hurts to the touch, and is excruciating to walk on.

There’s a thick tissue band that runs across the length of your foot. The job of this band is to connect your toes to your heel. When that tissue gets inflamed, you get Plantar Fasciitis.

It is most painful in the mornings after you’ve been sleeping and off your feet all night. When you take your first steps in the morning, it can be excruciatingly painful.

As the day wears on, the pain can lessen, but not fully dissipate. It’s worse if you stand or work for long hours; and if you’re an athlete, it will prohibit you from running and working out.

Speaking of runners, they are typical candidates, especially if they have tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons. People who stand a lot and don’t wear shoes with the proper arch support and foot cushioning are also susceptible, as are those with high or no arches (flat feet), or who roll inward as they walk (pronation).

The best treatment is stretching, resting, and icing.

You might need physical therapy to learn exercises that will help you to stretch your Achilles tendon and calf muscles and strengthen your lower leg muscles in order to stabilize your ankles and heels.

In extreme cases, your doctor might prescribe a night splint, which is a type of boot that you wear when you sleep to help the muscles stretch during the night.

There are also special orthotics you can wear, which your doctor can also prescribe. Can you treat your plantar fasciitis on your own? Yes. One of the best things you can do is pick the right shoes. Here’s a guide to the best options available today.

Best Dress Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Top Dress Footwear For Women:


Their brand promise is “The science of style” for a reason. They epitomize shoes with good arch support.

They are technologically advanced and have a line certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association. It’s hard to match the design and comfort of this brand when you’re treating Plantar Fasciitis.

They have many styles and types to choose from, which is one of the great things about them.

They aren’t only a walking or therapeutic style option. From sandals, to all day in the office, to weekend adventuring, you can choose from literally hundreds of great looking shoes that will treat your feet in an ongoing fashion without a trip to the doctor’s office.

Women’s Sterling Bootie

If you’re looking for a stylish bootie to go with your wardrobe this Fall, you will love the Sterling.

There’s a removable microfiber EVA orthotic insert, which will support and cushion your entire footbed as if you were prescribed custom-made orthotics. The outsole is made of rubber, and the uppers come in both suede and leather options.

They contour to the shape of your forefoot and have a deep heel cup. The side zip and gore panel make them easy to put on but keep them secure to your ankle. These look great with any outfit and will help improve your pain with every step.

Women’s Caballo Flat

This is a timeless, elegant classic. A pointed-toe flat with just the slightest heel, this beauty will give you the much-needed arch support you need in a dress shoe without sacrificing good looks. Vionic has constructed these with an extra wide toe box, so your toes aren’t smashed together or jammed into a point.

They have the Vionic EVA orthotic insert, which is microfiber and removable. Their Orthaheel Technology is built into this shoe, supporting the alignment of your feet and ankles. And the best part, among many colors to choose from, their also offered in black, natural, and gunmetal snake; tan leopard; and gold cork. You’ll never want to take these off, and you can wear them with any outfit.

Top Dress Footwear For Men:

Men’s Bruno Oxford

This is a keeper for every man’s closet. Going out doesn’t mean suffering inside painful dress shoes. The Vionic line approved by the APMA will treat your plantar fasciitis and keep you looking and feeling professional, stylish, and polished. The Bruno is a staple for the smart wardrobe with the leather or suede uppers and protective coating that guards against weather and signs of wear. The outsole is long lasting, as it’s made from the toughest durable leather. The Orthaheel Technology keeps your feet aligned and treats your symptoms, and the leather covered EVA footbed is removable. These will support your feet and help protect against pronating.


Recommended by doctors and physical therapists, Naot puts out an orthopedic line that has been treating people with plantar fasciitis for decades. Their signature footbed is make of cork and latex and is designed to anatomically conform to your feet.

They break in gradually, and as they do, they hug the contours and support the arches and heels of your feet. Always on the recommended list, they are supportive, corrective, aligning, and stabilizing. And added bonus, they look great and offer myriad styles from sandals to dress.

Men’s Naot Chief

This is smart lace-up shoe that goes with any outfit and can take you from the theater to the sports bar in style. Naot’s signature suede enrobed cork and latex footbed conforms to your feet, and the more you wear them, the better and more comfortable they become. The sole contains a metal shank for anti-slip protection and stability, and the heel cup and tongue are padded for extra cushion and comfort.

Women’s Naot Borasco

If you’re an oxford or classic flat type of gal, you’ll want to check out the Borasco.

This is a feminine flat that looks great with a pant suit, dress, or jeans. I love this monkstrap style to pair with just about whatever look I’m going for. The comfort, support, and orthopedic features are major bonuses. The heel cup and tongue have extra padding and the sole, made of polyurethane, contains a metal shank for protection against slipping. The padded lining keeps your feet warm and absorbs moisture.

Best Walking Shoes For PF

When you’re putting your feet to the test with a lot of walking, whether on vacation, or on weekend urban hikes, you need to take special care to ensure your footwear has the essential features.

Make sure your arches are supported, ankles and feet are in alignment, and the whole foot bed is cushioned. Asics, Brooks, and Vionic all have a firm foot hold in the best walker category for treating PF.

Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo

The technology they build into the soles utilize what is called DuoMax and Trusstic. They’re designed specifically for stability and support in the soles of the feet, while the heels and balls of the feet are cushioned with gel. There’s both a women’s and a men’s version of this shoe, and the midsoles of each are tailored to the differences in feet between the genders. They are extremely lightweight and come in black or white.

Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks is well known for their running shoes, and they’re also a favorite of podiatrists. Because they’re built on such a stable (and stabilizing), supportive, and cushioned frame, Brooks was smart to move into other form factors. Namely, the walker. Their proprietary MoGo midsole is the ultimate in cushioning every step and that ever critical arch. This keeps the shock off your ankles and legs and supports that vital fascia on the soles of your feet. They have a slip resistant sole and built in support for stability against pronation. You can choose from traditional lace-ups or v-straps.

Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker

This is a classic looking sneaker with the added benefit of Vionic’s orthopedic technology built right in.

These will carry you for countless miles in comfort and will support your arches, heels, and footbeds with extraordinary cushioning. Designed by a podiatrist, the EVA midsole has an elevation of five degrees, which helps stabilize and guide the natural gait.

There’s extra padding in the collar, and the removable orthotic has a deep heel cup and arch support for stability and protection against pronating. They’re approved by the American Podiatrist Medical Association and provide relief from all symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis–knee, arch, and heel pain.

Vionic Orthaheel Action Walker

This is the classic Vionic walker and a fan favorite for many years. Designed and built with the seal of approval from the APMA, and their “Active Motion System” technology, these will absorb the shock of every foot fall and protect your arches and heels against painful symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis.

The internal orthotic is medical grade, and the outsole is cushioned for added support.

The uppers are breathable and lightweight, rendering the perfect all around therapeutic shoe that looks great and will last years. The EVA midsole five-inch elevation guides your step from heel to toe, and there’s a thermoplastic heel for additional support and stability to ward off pronation.

New Balance MW928

New Balance has been creating a stable platform and sound architecture for many decades for runners, and now they’re doing the same for walking enthusiasts.

And it’s now become common to hear doctors talk about New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis. If it’s motion control and stability that you need to treat your plantar fasciitis, check this one out.

Their ROLLBAR stability technology and ABZORB cushioning will give you the protection you need against pronation, and the compression EVA midsole is designed to cushion your entire sole and protect your inflamed fascia tissue.

Check with your doctor about Medicare coverage.

Best Work Shoes For PF

Skechers GOwalk 2

For orthopedic therapy and guaranteed all-day support and comfort, you should consider Skechers GOwalk for plantar fasciitis. Available for women and men, the GOwalk 2 delivers superb features that benefit those with the painful symptoms of torn fascia.

They’re slip-on for easy on and off and great for travel. The OrthoLite sock liner is antimicrobial and preferred by those who like to go sockless. They employ what they call “V-stride” technology, which is a guiding mechanism, helping to keep the feet and legs aligned through the stride.

They build in stability mesh siding for lateral support, and the midsoles are constructed with a memory enhancing Resalyte, so you get much-needed shock absorption.

They are great for work if you have the option of going slightly more casual than formal.

Dansko Professional

The ultimate work shoe for men and women, this one is the iconic standard. It’s a favorite for people who are on their feet all day–doctors, nurses, and those who work in retail and food service. It doesn’t get more therapeutic than the Dansko brand, and you can’t go wrong with the styling of the classic clog.

The shank and footbed are made of polypropylene for flexibility, support, and shock absorption. Your heels move freely with every step and there’s more than enough room in the toe.

Dansko has the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Beloved by men and women alike, they’re available in every color of the rainbow plus about a million.

Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

ASICS Gel-Venture 5

With its signature Gel cushioning system, these are a good option for runners who need protection against their plantar fasciitis. They have padding where you need it–in the heel–and adequate space in the toe box. You can remove the sock liner if you have your own custom orthotics. They have a rugged outsole for all terrains, and durable rubber that protects against any potential road or trail hazards.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus

The features that set these apart from others and makes it a superb pick for those suffering from PF is the incredibly sturdy heel, the flexibility built into the back of the soul, and the all inclusive cushioning.

These combine to support your arches, guide your tracking, and help prevent against pronation. Available for both men and women, it’s also good for those suffering from Achilles tendonitis.

Nike Women’s Dual Fusion Run

Nike shoes haven’t always been synonymous with plantar fasciitis, but they are now. A favorite amongst runners who need arch support and stability control. The tapered outsole provides excellent traction, and the breathable upper, crafted from a breathable mesh keeps your feet cool.

Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Spenco Medical PolySorb Total Support Yumi

Well known for their orthotic inserts, the Spenco brand has a long history and great reputation for those with therapeutic foot needs. If you need extra support and incredible comfort, and you want a good looking flip-flop sandal to boot, the PolySort Total Support Yumi should be on your list.

They have deep heel cups and extra cushioning, orthotic support for your arches, cushioning in the forefoot, and a metatarsal dome.

They feature “full contact comfort” and “total support” technology in every piece of footwear they make, which makes for a great fit, support, and stability no matter what your foot size or shape.

Olukai ‘Ohana

A relative newcomer, though it’s been almost ten years already, Olukai is firmly on the scene. They broke out the big guns with their line of comfortable, supportive sandals that provide comfort you can’t find in most brands.

Quite possibly one of the best shoes for arch support, the ‘Ohana has become the iconic standard among the now huge inventory to choose from. And like the Dansko Professional, it’s destined to stand the test of time. The molded EVA midsole provides anatomically correct compression.

The “ICEVA” footbed, if you’ve never tried a pair, will, ahem, knock your socks off (sorry!). It’s so soft that it seems like it must come from the planet of otherworldly soft materials. I’ve never felt anything like it. And it alone would win anyone over, but combine it with the support and comfort of the arch, and you won’t believe you’re wearing sandals, let alone sandals that help you with your plantar fasciitis.

Quick video review on what to look for:

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Tommy Hilfiger’s Bowman Boat Shoe Review

Tommy Hilfiger's BowmanThe Tommy Hilfiger brand is synonymous with style, quality, and a little bit of posh. Designed with a sort of cross between Cape Cod and the Hamptons, diehard fans look no further when they want to feel tailored, polished, and taken care of. While you might more immediately think of their more sporty bent, their deck and boat shoes have a dedicated fan base.

People who sail or motor boat need deck shoes for their non-slip, non-marking soles. They also want solid, high quality materials–most often leather or quality canvas.

They need to be breathable, comfort, and preferably water resistant. Or at the very least, quick drying.

But the boat shoe has become a favorite for a broader swath of the population than those who spend a lot of time on boats. They’re fashionable and functional on their own, they look great whether you’re spending time with friends on the weekends, going out to dinner, running errands, or going to work.

They’re versatile and can be dressed up or down. They’ve really become a stable in most men’s closets.

The Tommy Hilfiger Bowman is made of high quality leather and a padded insole. They have a rubber, non-marking sole, textured for added traction, especially against wet surfaces. It features the classic 360 lacing around the entire collar and stitching about the toe. The laces are constructed of contrasting rawhide.

They are breathable and keep your feet cool with or without socks. They’re well made and outlast many competitors, standing up to wear, peeling, cracking, or separating. They’re comfortable and versatile.


Construction. These are well made and stand up to wear and tear better than the Sperry Top Sider. The insoles are attached well and don’t separate from the bottom as is a common complaint against Sperry. Price. These will run you about forty-five dollars, making them a great value for the look, durability, and quality. Looks. People who want the classic look and styling give the Bowman high marks for attractiveness.


Some wearers have noted that the stitching around the tongue can come loose over time, but these occurrences have proven very rare. While the rubberized, textured sole is good for wet surfaces, there are better traction shoes out there, so if you are safety coverage in more extreme conditions, they wouldn’t fit the bill.

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Sperry Top-Sider

This is the iconic in its class and the one that comes to mind for most people. One of the biggest arguments against is the stiffness of the leather. They take quite a while to break in, and once they are, they are relatively comfortable, but many can’t stand the wait.

A resounding complaint is that they aren’t particularly well made and the insoles separate from the shoe rather quickly. Sizing is often complained about, as they have been reported to run either narrower or wider than advertised, even for those who special order a narrow or wide width.

Kenneth Cole Anchor Shot 6T

This is a sporty competitor, and one that comes in roughly the same price point. If you like the traditional leather and rawhide style and design, you can mark these off your list.

But if you are open to flexibility in the material, you might check these out. The textile fabric makes for a breathable shoe, but they won’t hold up as well when wet or last as long.

They get relatively high marks for comfort, but have so far been known to fall short on quality. Not lasting nearly as long or holding up as well as the Bowman, this is more appealing for someone who’s looking for something a little outside the box and who specifically doesn’t want leather.

Timberland Two-Eyed Boat

A great option for those looking for classic styling, this shoe looks good but will cost you more than the Tommy Bowman. Running from around 60 to nearly 135 dollars, you need to shell out a bit more dough for the Timberland. The construction is sound and the quality is high, but not enough to warrant the extra cash.

Sebago Spinnaker

Appealing to those who want to make a bit of a (pardon the pun) splash, these give you many color options. Thirty-seven to be exact. There’s more flare with the contrasting stitching dual colored uppers.

The quality is fair, and they have a loyal following. You’ll pay about the same as you will for the Bowman. The biggest complaint for these is the comfort level. There is minimal to no arch support, so unless you have healthy feet and can do without much cushion or support, or just don’t wear them for long periods, you won’t find them on par.

John Varvados Schooner

This is a very handsome shoe, but much more trendy than classic.

You won’t find someone looking for a traditional shoe in this one, and while it’s not an obvious one-to-one comparison to the Bowman, it’s worth mentioning for anyone who wants to survey the broader field. The design is more modern and geared to the youngish set, with its laceless upper and less conventional appearance. Another big difference is the price, as you’ll put down a pretty penny for these, at between one and two hundred dollars a pair. They are also repeatedly reported to squeak, which is an odd and very unappealing drawback.

Sanuk Casa Barco

Another player in the non-traditional space is Sanuk with the Casa Barco. These are known as sandal-shoe hybrids, and they have a loyal following.

The most popular of their styles is the slip-on, but they’ve entered the competitive space with this latest design. As far as looks, it comes close, though made of canvas and not leather. They’re very reasonably priced at around fifty dollars. They run a bit low in the ankle however, and provide no arch support, so they rank very low for comfort and support comparatively.

If you’re looking for comfort, quality, and a traditional look, the Tommy Hilfiger Bowman boat shoe should top your list. A name you can trust, known for great looks and high quality, and at an appealing price point you’ll be hard pressed to find a worthy opponent. They’ll hold up to weather and wet surfaces, support your arches, and stand the test of time. Whether you prefer a boat shoe for your everyday casual wardrobe, or you are a boater who needs traction, support, and shoes with skid-free soles, you’ll be more than happy in these and might find yourself a repeat customer.

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Sperry Boat Shoes For Men Models And Reviews [2017]

sperry boat shoesIf you asked most people you know what comes to mind when they think boat shoes, put your money on Sperry being the first thing out of their mouths. While the most iconic brand out there, a little known fact is that they actually invented them.

In 1935 Paul Sperry, a sailor, set out to design a new kind of shoe–one without a leather sole–that would prevent sailors from slipping and sliding on the deck with every wave. Modeled after the grooves in the paw of dogs that inspired his traction design, the Sperry sole was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

These days boat, or deck shoes, are much more prevalent, and are as much a fashion staple as they are a tool for boaters. With their classic casual styling, you see them on men just about everywhere, as they’re favorites for the home, office, and going out. They’re even popular with the younger set, and they now come in a range of styles, materials, and colors.

Sperry is still king of the castle when it comes to this line, and there are many styles and colors to choose from.

Here are some of the classics as well as updates, some modern fan favorites, and a guide to navigating the Sperry waters when it comes to your particular needs and preferences.

Best Sperry Boat Shoes For Men Models


Authentic Original Two-Eye

The classic Sperry.

The details include hand-sewn top sole around the toe for comfort and fit, and a kicker at the heel to help hold its shape. The 360-degree lacing helps secure your foot, as you can tighten or loosen it to your comfort level. The upper is a single solid piece for a more comfortable fit over the top of your foot.

The iconic wave grooves of the sole provide slip resistance and grip, as they channel the water out from under your feet. The rubber outsole is sewn on, which proves for a more long-lasting and durable lifespan.

There’s a slightly raised heel, specially designed to navigate the obstacles and natural contours of the deck of a boat. The EVA heel cup provides comfort, cushion, and shock absorption.

This is highly recommended for the avid boater and someone who likes the fashion side of it. It’s a timeless, classy look that will never go out of style. You can choose from 10 different colors, and single or dual tones.

Authentic Original Raincoat

If you’re more of a serious boater, out in wetter and rougher conditions, this is more in line with your needs. The sole contains mini lugs with the traditional Sperry siping, which increases the level of traction delivered.

The rubber outsole is cupped in shape, also adding protection against the elements and heavy weather. The upper leather is coated in rubber and water-resistant.

You get the standard 360-degree lacing for a secure, personalized fit, and the molded EVA heel cup and “Ortholite” footbed cushion for absorbing shock and provided excellent cushioning and comfort.

The outsole is designed with enhanced grip and is of course non-marking. If your needs are a bit more serious in terms of weather, this is a good choice.

Gold Cup Authentic Original Cyclone

For the more discerning boater or fashion-forward shopper, this is the Original Two Eye, fancied up a notch. If you prefer a little more luxury, have a look-see.

Do you like a super soft lining? Then these are squarely in your wheelhouse. It’s constructed from lambskin. The uppers are made from high quality, supple leather, and the eyelets are 18-carat gold-plated.

You can still take these out in the bay, and the siping will channel the water between you and deck to prevent slipping, and you can tighten them to fit your foot precisely.

Same great construction in this one, just taken up a notch in terms of style.

Original Orleans Boat

As the name implies, this is actually the original.

The first one, invented by Sperry himself in 1935. If you’re a classicist, you can stop reading right now and get ye to the shoe store (or, well, let’s face it, sperry dot com). True to his legacy, they’re made of genuine leather, have the 360-degree lacing, the OrthoLite footbed and the molded EVA heel cup for cushion, support, and shock absorption.

You’ll find waved contours in the soles for traction on both dry and wet surfaces, and of course a non-marking rubber outsole.

Gamefish Boat

If the traditional shoe is too heavy for your feet, check out the Gamefish. It’s 37% lighter than its leather brethren, as the uppers are made of knit, which also provide breathability and more stretch-to-fit level of comfort.

The EVA footbed is removable and designed to compress with the movements of every step and absorb shock so your joints don’t have to.

The classic siping draws water out of your path for traction, and the midsole is built from EVA foam, providing heel-to-toe compression padding. You still get the 360-degree lacing style and customizability in this updated, modern option.

Gold Cup Authentic Original Chevre

Another choice if you want to go first class on style and comfort, the Chevre has linings made from lambskin for a slipper-like level of comfort and softness. These have hand-sewn full-grain leather uppers and suede collars. You also get the 18-carat gold-plates eyelets on the lacing, for a prominent look.

The rawhide laces are extremely rugged and durable. Same non-marking, ultra-grip delivering rubber outsoles and wave siping for traction in all types of weather. This is classic Sperry for the discerning.

Jack Spade Authentic Original 2-Eye

This is the perfect marriage of form and function, serving you from the cafe or walk home from work, to the weekend on your boat (or better yet, your friend’s boat!).

All the classics are here: 360-lacing and a hand-sewn upper, only on this one it’s made of camouflage canvas instead of leather for a more rugged and casual look. Designed by Jack Spade himself, this edgy, urban design will turn heads.

And you won’t sacrifice comfort or support because you get the Ortholite heel cup absorbing the shock of walking around town, and the wave siping will keep you upright on deck.

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Whether you’re looking for high class fashion, extreme protection from wind, rain, and weather, or tradition that will last for decades, there’s a Sperry boat shoe that’s perfect for you.

With its rich history, fiercely loyal base, and quality that speaks for itself, this icon has earned its reputation.

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Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis InsolesWhen faced with Plantar Fasciitis, there are few things you want to do besides curl up into a ball and wallow in the misery of your foot pain.

I know. I’ve been there.

I’ve incurred seven ankle sprains, fallen 30 feet off the face of a cliff, and dropped a bag of cement on my bare toe. And nothing compares to the pain of plantar fasciitis. No. Thing.

There are things you have to do to get better, like stretching, strengthening, icing, and resting. But there’s also a few things that are painless, virtually effortless, and pay huge dividends. One of those things is to go out and get yourself a good footwear for plantar fasciitis and of course – best insoles for plantar fasciitis.

I know the idea of restricting yourself to shoes that you can put those insoles into might dampen your spirits even further, especially if it’s summer, you have fancy affairs to attend, or you’re an athlete, already restricted and blue because of it. But do this.

The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll start to feel better, and you’ll be able to get back to doing all the things you love. And best of all, you won’t feel like you’re walking on shards of glass.

Ok, so that’s settled. You’re gonna get yourself a good pair of shoe inserts.

But which ones, right? There are so many over the counter orthotics to choose from, it’s hard to know where to put your money in order to get the most out of it.

Do you go to the doctor for custom orthotics?
Shop Amazon to see what’s recommended and others are saying, or which are the best sellers? There are shoe inserts of every variety from the best for arch support to those billed as pain relieving.

Should you ask your doctor, go with the pharmacist’s recommendation, or take to the internet?

It’s overwhelming. But don’t worry. We’ve done a lot of the leg work for you, so your legs (and feet) can get some much needed rest. Go get some ice, and have a read. Below you’ll find a broad survey with some of your best options. You’ll be on the road to recovery–and to your favorite activity–in no time.


Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

So, what are the best orthotics For plantar fasciitis?

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology

When someone says Vionic you’re in good hands. These are top of the line, providing supportive technology and the very best arch support that will work for just about any shoe you want.

If you want an insert designed by a podiatrist without having to go get a prescription, go Vionic. They’re designed to heal your fascia with proper alignment and arch support.

They improve pronation, which is a very common side effect of PF.

You can put these into your workout, cross training, casual, work, hiking, or casual shoe for immediate relief, as they’re specifically designed to be worn in your everyday wear shoes.

They employ what they call a biomechanical Tri-Planar Motion control, which acts to realign your feet into their natural position, to support your arches, and to stabilize your gait.

They have a deep heel cup and molded EVA base that provides unparalleled comfort and the best support you can find. The forefoot and heel pad absorb shock and balance the energy of every strike.

They’re super soft nylon and contain an EcoFresh microbe shield to combat the bacteria that causes odor. Just take out the insoles that came with your shoes, and pop these in. If needed, you can trim them to fit snugly.

Superfeet Green

As a runner with falling arches, tight calves, and a propensity to supinate (roll to the outsides of my feet), as someone who has also suffered debilitating shin splints and moan-worthy PF, these things work. I started putting Superfeet Greens into my shoes about 12 years ago after my first bout with PF, and I’ve never looked back.

I now own the whole line, and I wear them in all of my shoes. They are serious miracle workers. They have a very deep heel cup and are contoured just right so that the fascia is fully supported.

They’re also highly shock absorbent. They’re made of a very high density foam, known as closed-cell, and it really cushions your feet with every step you take.

This is Superfeet’s most popular insole due to their outstanding structure and stability that comes with the foam layer.

Superfeet Premium

The Premium line features 3/4 insoles for men and women as well as one designed specifically to be worn with high heels. This is welcome news if you need to get dressed up or are dying to get out but the thought of heels makes you want to weep.

These are built for your harder-to-fit shoes that are a little tighter than your everyday casual, workout, or walking shoe.

They have the same deep heel cup for support and absorbing shock, and are coated in microsuede for softness and comfort.

They have built in odor control and a carbon fiber stabilizing cap at the base so the rear of your foot is supported. This also provides stability with structure so you are less likely to roll.

They’re reinforced with their proprietary EVOlyte, which is a carbon fiber and polymer blend.

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Orthotics

This orthotic insole has a firm outer shell and the heel platform is angled.

These together give you control as well as ideal arch support. Made of plush VCT and EVA foam, these are super soft and comfortable inserts for your everyday work, casual, and workout shoes. They’re specifically designed for those with PF and tend to pronate. They have a double layer of cushioning and antimicrobial material for odor and bacteria control.

Dr. Scholl

As you can well imagine, there are several to choose from when you’re going Dr. Scholl. There’s a reason these have stood the test of time, are such big sellers, and are still available from the drug store.

They’re a solid choice for a reasonable price. You can choose from the energy massaging gel, work, memory fit, extra support, ultracool, thin, tri-comfort, “air-pillow,” double “air-pillo,” athletic, odor-fighting, three different options manufactured specifically for ladies’ high heels and flats, and many more.

Whichever best suits your specific arch, heel, or whole-foot pain associated with PF, you won’t be disappointed by the relief you get. They’re designed to provide long-lasting comfort, support, and stability, and the relief will be noticed within a few wearings.

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So, yes, there are a lot out of options out there, and that can be overwhelming, I know. But the good news is, here’s a great list you can use to get started.

Figure out which will be best for you, and whichever you choose, you’re that much closer to feeling better. And you don’t have to break the bank or head to the doctor to do it. These are excellent options, all of which bring the science and technology within reach.

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Best Shoes For Flat Feet: Models And Reviews [2017]

best shoes for flat feetYou probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your feet in general, no less the arches. But if you have fallen arches, or flat feet, you can’t help but do much of anything else.

It is a serious condition that can lead to severe pain in your feet, back, ligaments, and muscles, not to mention a strain on your wallet, as you’ll wear your shoes out much more quickly than those with a standard arch height.

If you have low arches or flat feet, one thing you can do, besides stretching and exercise, is buy the best shoes for flat feet. The three things to look for are support, motion control, and stability.

Shoes designed with extra stability and motion control will help aid in the prevention of rolling inward, and with extra support will give your arches the lift, cushion, and support they need for proper shock absorption. Here is roundup if you’re wanting to outfit your closet with the proper dress, walking, running shoes, and sandals.

The arches of our feet are constructed by the inherent curves in two sets of bones–the metatarsal and tarsal–and serve as shock absorbers, supporting and cushioning the stress of our body weight on our hips, ankles, knees, and feet as we walk, run, and even just stand. They also ensure our body weight is evenly distributed between our legs and feet and provide lift.

If the curve of those bones, and hence the arch, is missing, or very low, you don’t get that shock absorber, spring, or distribution, so your feet and joints take much more of a beating.

People with low or no arch can suffer from not only back and foot pain due to excessive weight on the heels, but often have the tendency to roll to the insides of their feet as they walk or run, resulting in added pain in the ankles, calves, knees, hips, and legs. Extreme conditions can lead to bunions, arthritis, hammertoes, shin splints, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis.

If you have low arches or flat feet, one thing you can do, besides stretching and exercise, is buy the best shoes for flat feet. The three things to look for are support, motion control, and stability. Shoes designed with extra stability and motion control will help aid in the prevention of rolling inward, and with extra support will give your arches the lift, cushion, and support they need for proper shock absorption. Here is roundup if you’re wanting to outfit your closet with the proper dress, walking, running shoes, and sandals.

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Best Walking shoes for Flat Feet For Men and Women

Men’s Walking Shoes:

San Antonio Shoe Makers (SAS)

Handmade, with its roots in San Antonio, Texas, the quality and craftsmanship of SAS is unrivaled and are bar none the best shoes with arch support you can buy. In 1976, the two founders started what they termed a revolution in footwear, and they are going strong today. Doctors and physicians recommend them, and you’d be hard pressed to find a wearer who doesn’t sing their praises.

They have incredibly high standards, use only the finest materials, and design and build their own forms, delivering a fit you simply can’t find anywhere else. They make 104 sizes for men and 88 for women, and their fierce dedication to providing comfort and quality proves itself with every pain-free customer. They meet the standards of Medicare, so if you have any doubt about the quality and precision, ask your doctor.

Men’s Move ON

SAS employs what they call TRIPAD cushioning, which is odor resistant and supports the arch and whole foot, providing lift and critical shock absorption. Another proprietary technology, they employ “S-motion,” providing stability throughout the entire lifecycle of the step–from heel strike, to midfoot, to toes, as they push off the ground. The footbed is also uniquely their own, a contoured molded polyurethane “Everbounce,” and it is removable.

They include a “Supersoft” lightweight sole, which is wider than a standard shoe sole, providing an added shock absorber and stability. This shoe not only cushions and supports, but adds unparalleled stability control and supports the natural gait.

Men’s Stability Walker

The name says it all, as these are all about stability. They feature wider bases for the heel and forefoot, which work to evenly distribute the weight between feet and legs. The molded midsole is designed with added arch support for the plantar fascia, and the outsole is a durable rubber, providing excellent traction and prevention against excessive wear and slippage.

Women’s Walking Shoes:

Women’s Easy Walk

Featuring the same high technology as the men’s Move On, your search for the perfect shoe will be over when you slide into a pair of these. With S-motion, providing exacting cushioning and support to your entire foot as you move through each step, to the “Supersoft” lightweight sole, your arches are fully supported and whole foot stabilized. The Tripad cushions offer shock absorption, and the “Everbounce” footbed cushions and supports weak or fallen arches.


Another leader in the industry, Propet delivers on its mission to provide the best therapeutic shoes for people with foot pain, feet that are hard to fit, and who suffer from chronic problems like flat feet and diabetes. They design the best shoes for fallen arches.

The company has been designing and manufacturing specialty comfort footwear for over 32 years, with a focus on walking shoes.

Their latest technology is called Rejuve Motion, and it is structured to support and stabilize our natural gait, especially effective for those who roll to the outside. For those who suffer from diabetes and require therapeutic shoes for treatment, Propet is approved by Medicare.

Women’s Stability Walker

Designed with the same technological features as the men’s shoe of the same name, this is one of the best choices available to those who need a stable, supportive therapeutic option.

Recommended by podiatrists and Medicare approved, these will support the arches and plantar fascia with their advanced EVA midsole. They have the same rugged outsole for stability and slip resistance. They have a rigid heel for balance and a removable footbed. I also like that they come in suede as well as leather; and if you prefer the former, they offer pewter and berry in addition to the more classic color options of most walking shoes.

Dress Shoes For People With Flat Foot

When it comes to taking care of your feet, you don’t have to restrict yourself to shoes that make you look like you “need special shoes.” Sure, walking, running, outdoor, and sporty shoes are easy enough to find and even easier to incorporate into your wardrobe for most activities, but sometimes you want a little more polish.

When your work requires you step it up a notch, or you just want to get a little dressed up, there are now more options than ever.

Men’s Dress Footwear:

Vionic Joseph

Vionic uses what they call “orthaheel supportive technology,” which provides added cushioning, support for your arches, and built in comfort that makes your transition from day to night seamless.

This is a classic, stylish lace-up that looks great. No one will know you’ve got biomechanical footbeds designed by a podiatrist inside these babies. The extra deep cups in the heel take the weight off those over-worked heels and ensure your feet are in the proper alignment.

The flexible lightweight EVA midsole is an excellent added shock absorber to support those arches.

San Antonio Shoemakers Men’s Diplomat

True to SAS form, this dress model will make you want to go out every night. It’s a slip-on style, so perhaps a bit more casual than the classic lace-up, but it’s fashionable enough for any outing and won’t leave you dying to get home to take them off.

As with their entire line, they’re made of the highest quality leather and the entire interior is padded. Their trademarked TRIPAD cushion gives the heel and ball of the foot extra support, and the super shock absorbing sole is extremely lightweight.

Women’s Dress Footwear:

The Aetrex line is classified orthotic, but by looking at them, you’d never know. Far from chunky, clunky, or obvious, they’re stylish, streamlined, and unbelievably comfortable. They’ve designed what they term “Lynco orthotic footbeds,” which provide excellent support and spring for your arches. The outsoles are made of blown rubber for support, stability, and durability. You’ll look great in these dress styles, while feeling like you’re wearing your favorite walking shoes all day.


I love the Tori pump because it’s classic enough to go with a pencil skirt and button-down oxford for work, and stylish enough to go straight out the door at 5:00 to wherever your evening plans take you. The one and a quarter inch heel is low enough to ease any strain a higher one would cause on your calves, hips, and back, but high enough to look polished and professional. They’re made of high quality leather and have a pretty elastic gore topline strap accent.

Leanne Slip-on

If you want something will a little more spice than what you get in a classic pump, look no further than the Leanne slip-on. This is a beautiful, dramatic shoe that literally won’t break your back (or hurt your feet).

The top features a stylish asymmetrical cutout, and the fastener is a small loop and button. Aetrix builds their shoes to the “Healthy 3” specifications: their patented Lynco arch support (which is an orthotic built right into the sole), memory foam cushion footbeds, and embedded anti-microbial.

Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

When you’re a runner and you have semi or fully fallen arches, you need serious support. There are a few players out there who are getting the job done right, but ASICS is one of the most outstanding.

They repeatedly make the best-of lists every year, as their technology and performance are hard to beat.

Men’s Running Shoes:

ASICS GT 2000 2

Below the main rubber cushioning of the sole, you’ll find the signature gel pad, which delivers supreme padding and shock absorption for the ankle and heel. Below that, in the midsole and beneath, ASICS uses the “FluidRide” system, delivering added support and spring.

Inside the heel, you get the Dynamic DuoPad heel pad, and beneath that, in the FluidRide system, they employ a guidance line that is built to literally guide your stride from heel through the entire strike action to your toe. If you want excellent support and cushioning as well as stability to counter pronation, this is a great choice.

ASICS Gel Kayano 20

Like other models in their line, the Kayano is a standout. Always a fan favorite for good reason, this is one of the best running shoe options out there for people who need ultra cushioning and comfort.

They built this version with something they call “Fluid Fit,” which is a super stretchy covering over the midsection of the foot.

This provides extra stability and balance, due to the position it holds your foot in, without hindrance or binding.

The spring and cushioning in the multiple layers in the heel and footbed make for arch support and maximum absorbing capabilities for the shock of every foot strike.

Women’s Running Shoes:

Brooks Addiction 10

Call me biased because truth: I run in this shoe. But don’t take my word for it. Take the podiatrists’ word for. Or the hundreds of thousands of other runners who sing the praises of the Addiction.

One run and you’ll be amazed by the incredible support and comfort. If you need arch support, balance, and perhaps most importantly, stability, your search is over. Every shoemaker has its own technology.

Brooks employs the BioMoGo DNA in the midsole, delivering cushion that adapts to your foot and stride, a “segmented crash pad” for guiding your track from heel to toe roll-through, and a rollbar for stability.

It’s running at its finest.

ASICS Gel Kayano 19

Another vote for the ASICS Gel Kayano, and I can say with authority, this is also a spectacularly supportive and comfortable running shoe. I know a lot of runners, and the fan base is pretty evenly split between ASICS and Brooks.

The loyalty runs deep on this shoe. They’ve been manufacturing for more than twenty years, and their shoes prove the test of time. the Gel Kayano provides maximum shock absorbing for those with flat feet or low arches, and their gel cushioning in the forefoot and heel give you the cushion and spring you need. If you are one of many runners who have problematic arch and or pronation problems, you are far less likely to suffer pain and injury in this shoe.

The outsole contains tread and grooves that are specially designed to help you track with balance and to increase stability.

Best Sandals For Flat Feet

Men’s Sandals:

Vionic Tide

Heading to the beach or pool doesn’t mean you can’t wear sandals just because you suffer from foot problems. The choices in this category are heads and shoulders above where they were a decade ago, and Vionic, designed by a podiatrist, continues to prove feeling good doesn’t mean sacrificing looking good.

Designed to alleviate foot pain, the toe post is super soft and the strap is lined in foam. They have shock-absorbing EVA midsoles, so your knees, feet, and ankles won’t suffer under the pressure of low or flat arches.

They’re extremely lightweight, have great traction, and a deep heel cup for stability and alignment. The entire footbed is designed to optimize motion control. And with the sharp design, no one would guess. You’ll want to wear these everywhere.

Propet Hornsby XT

The Rejuve Motion Technology that Propet manufactures supports your arches, heels, and the balls of your feet like few shoes can match. Designed for a more rugged outdoor adventure than lying by the pool, it’s cool, secure, rugged, and durable.

Oh, and tromping around in a stream? No problem. They’re leather and neoprene, but won’t bog you down. The straps are adjustable, and the Rejuve Motion Technology diffuses water, is anti-microbial, and optimized to keep your feet comfortable and cool. The rubber outsole is rugged and durable and provides excellent traction and stability.

Women’s Sandals:

Aetrix Adeline

This adjustable quarter strap sandal is beautiful, elegant, and unbelievably comfortable. I love summer sandals that you can dress up or down, and these fit the bill. It’s hard to get a better orthopedic shoe than the Aetrix, and the bonus to their entire line is their stunningly good looks. These come in black, steel, and taupe, and go perfect with dresses or jeans. The “Healthy 3” technology provides support for your arches, memory foam cushioning in the footbed, and are anti-microbial.

Naot Reserve

My guess is if you ask most women what shoe comes to mind when they think comfort, most will put Naot in their top five. For some, it’s always number one. Their latex and cork footbed, enrobed in leather, provides cushion padding, support, and shock absorption, while molding to the precise contours of your foot. The footbed is held in place with hooks and loops and can be removed.

The sole is two inches high and made of polyurethane, making it very lightweight yet sturdy and long lasting. The reserve line contains a metal shank, which they embed in the sole, providing extra stability.

This is a super cute sandal that is versatile, fun, and amazingly supportive.

Selecting The Best Shoes For Flat Feet Video:

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